Marquette is experienced and focused on Office & Retail assets in South East Queensland.

We are driven by a desire to preserve our investors’ wealth, deliver reliable monthly cashflow and over time, realise genuine capital growth. We are always buyers and sellers of assets and we are not governed or motivated purely by the scale of our business.

Above and beyond typical real estate fundamentals and investment principles such as location and tenant profile, Marquette has a clear thought process and ‘ideology’ it utilises when assessing, acquiring and managing assets. This process is Marquette’s definition of real estate ‘value-add’ and is outlined below.

  • GROW & STABILISE INCOMEWe seek to increase rental income from existing tenants and tenancies as well as new sources via CAPEX and creative leasing solutions.
  • Grow & Improve Tenant Quality & Tenure We seek to sign quality tenants on long leases to add value and create recurrent cash flow and strong returns.
  • Limit Operating Expenses Through efficient management, physical improvement, and other tried-and-tested methods we look to increase the net income by reducing operating expenses while maintaining &/or improving the services and functionality of an asset.
  • Improve Physical Elements We make buildings better through defensive and proactive CAPEX to improve both functionality, performance, and the appearance of our assets.
  • Compress Yield Via the combination of the four areas above, we can demonstrably change the value of an asset through perception, appeal, financial improvement and therefore ‘price make’ and compress the investment yield of an asset.

Real Estate Investment Principles

Below are some high-level principles we focus on when investing in property

Prime Assets: Targeting high quality, trophy assets within the inner city and surrounding fringe markets.

Cycle Resistant Assets

Targeting assets with the fundamentals to endure a property downturn better than the market relatively.


Office and Retail properties in precincts and locations with inherent value or points of difference.

Value-Add Assets

We aim for approximately 15% levered IRR’s. We aim to buy an asset, make it better, and sell or hold.

Off-market Deals

We aim to buy off-market using our long-established network with agents and our own ideas. We seek to buy value in an off-market environment where we do not have to be the highest bidder.

Price making

We seek to buy in areas that are undervalued or not seen for what they are or could be. We target quality underlying land or conversion value which can often be worth more than the investment value

Replacement Cost

Strive to acquire assets at pricing below or in line with replacement cost in order to facilitate genuine capital growth.


Remain active in our primary South East Queensland markets in order to leverage our extensive relationships and market knowledge from our many years of past experience.

Maintain Optimal Property Values & Liquidity

We always keep our assets operating at their highest value at any given time to ensure liquidity and strong pricing.